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Setting Gateway Adaptors & Failovers

Note: First, you will need to log in, providing you have already set this up.

If not, this guide will help you set it up then you can come back to this page.

Once you have logged into your gateway, navigate to “Network Configuration > Adaptors & Failovers” on the left-hand side of the Pressac EnOcean gateway web interface.

Here, you will find where you can set up your adaptors. The explanation of each adaptor can be found below.

  • Primary adaptor – This is the first adaptor the gateway will use to try and obtain a connection to the internet.
  • Secondary adaptor – If the first “primary adaptor” fails the secondary adaptor will then be used to try and obtain a connection to the internet.
  • Failover adaptor – In the event that both the primary and secondary adaptor cannot connect to the internet the failover adaptor will be used.
  • Enable Failover on Ping –Instead of relying on adaptor status, the gateway will continuously ping the internal and external ping addresses at the interval defined when a ping fails, the adaptor will fail over.

Below is an example of what a completed setup looks like.

As you can see, the primary adaptor is ethernet. This means that the gateway will try to connect to the internet via the ethernet connection.

The secondary adaptor is LTE meaning if the primary adaptor fails it will use LTE to regain the internet connection.

Then the failover adaptor is set to WiFi, meaning if both the primary and secondary adaptor fail it will attempt to use a WiFi connection to regain internet access.

The gateway will automatically return to the primary adaptor when it becomes available again.