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Configuring LTE

Navigate to the LTE configuration page by clicking “- LTE” in the "Network Configurations" sub-menu on the Pressac EnOcean gateway web-interface.

If you do not have an LTE SIM card inserted, you will see the following information.


Caution: If this is the case, insert your LTE SIM card then restart your gateway.

Once you have done this with a working LTE SIM card, you will see that the information has been populated.


On this page you will find all the following information for your LTE connection on your gateway.

    • LTE Status –Current status of the gateway's LTE connection.
      • Connected -Connection to the LTE network has been established.
      • Disconnected -Connection to the LTE network has not been established or has been interrupted.
      • GSM Closed -Gateway has lost communication with LTE hardware.
      • PIN Ready -SIM card has been unlocked
      • Insert SIM Card -No SIM card has been detected.
      • Pin Locked -SIM card has been locked.
      • Wrong PIN -PIN entered is incorrect for the SIM card inserted.
    • LTE IP Address –Gateways unique IP address currently assigned by the LTE network.
    • Signal Strength –Current signal strength of the LTE network in dBm.
    • Signal Details –Current status of the LTE connection.
      • Marginal -Connection to the LTE network is poor and may not be reliable.
      • Ok -Connection to the LTE network is ok but could be better.
      • Good -Connection to the LTE network good and should be reliable.
      • Excellent -Connection to the LTE network is excellent and could not be better.
    • Location Info –Location of the cell tower the gateway is currently connecting to via LTE.
    • Carrier –Name of the network carrier currently used for the LTE connection.
    • Phone Number –Phone number of the SIM card being used to connect to the LTE network. Some SIM cards do not have numbers.
    • Gateway IMEI Number –IMEI number of the gateway.

Note: If you are having issues receiving the information from your LTE SIM card you may be required to manually add LTE settings. You can get these from your network operator/carrier.

You can insert the following information in the “LTE Settings” section towards the bottom of the page.

  • PIN –Provided by your SIM provider and used to unlock your SIM card for use with the gateway.
  • APN –Access point name (APN) provided by your SIM card provider and used to connect to the provider's network.
  • Authentication –Set PAP or CHAP authentication.
  • Username & Password –Credentials provided by your SIM card provider to connect to the network.

You have now set up your LTE connection.