Navigate to the LTE configuration page by clicking “- LTE” in the Network Configurations sub-menu on the Pressac EnOcean gateway web-interface.

    If you do not have an LTE SIM card inserted, you will see the following information.

    If this is the case, insert your LTE SIM card then restart your gateway.

    Once you have done this with a working LTE SIM card, you will see that the information has been populated.

    On this page you will find all the following information for your LTE connection on your gateway.

    • LTE status – Current status of the gateway’s LTE connection.
      • Connected – Connection to the LTE network has been established.
      • Disconnected – Connection to the LTE network has not been established or has been interrupted.
      • GSM closed – Gateway has lost communication with LTE hardware.
      • PIN ready – SIM card has been unlocked.
      • Insert Sim Card – No SIM card has been detected.
      • Pin Locked – SIM card has been locked.
      • Wrong PIN – PIN entered is incorrect for the SIM card inserted.
    • LTE IP address – Gateway’s unique IP address currently assigned by the LTE network.
    • Signal strength – Current signal strength of the LTE network in dBm.
    • Signal details – Current status of the LTE connection.
      • Marginal – Connection to the LTE network is poor and may not be reliable.
      • Ok – Connection to the LTE network is ok but could be better.
      • Good – Connection to the LTE network good and should be reliable.
      • Excellent – Connection to the LTE network is excellent and could not be better.
    • Location info – Location of the cell tower the gateway is currently connecting to via LTE.
    • Carrier – Name of the network carrier currently used for the LTE connection.
    • Phone number – Phone number of the SIM card being used to connect to the LTE network. Some SIM cards do not have numbers.
    • Serial number – Serial number of the SIM card currently inserted to the gateway.

    If you are having issues receiving the information from your LTE SIM card you may be required to manually add LTE settings. You can get these from your network operator/carrier.

    You can insert the following information in the “LTE Settings” section towards the bottom of the page.

    • PIN – Provided by your SIM provider and used to unlock your SIM card for use with the gateway.
    • APN – Access point name (APN) provided by your SIM card provider and used to connect to the provider’s network.
    • Authentication – Set PAP or CHAP authentication.
    • Username and password – Credentials provided by your SIM card provider in order to connect to the network.

    You have now set up your LTE connection.

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