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Configuring WiFi

Navigate to the WiFi configuration page by clicking “– WiFi” in the Network Configurations sub-menu on the Pressac EnOcean Gateway web-interface.

Then change “WiFi connection” from “disabled” to “enabled”.

Once you have switched on the connection you will need to input the network name (SSID) and the password for the WiFi connection that you wish to connect to. The security type will be populated automatically for you when you connect to the WiFi network.

  • WiFi Status –Status of the connection status of WiFi either Disconnected or Connected.
  • WiFi Signal Strength –Current signal strength of the WiFi network in dBM and signal details.
    • Marginal -Connection to the WiFi network is poor and may not be reliable.
    • Ok -Connection to the WiFi network is ok but could be better.
    • Good -Connection to the WiFi network good and should be reliable.
    • Excellent -Connection to the WiFi network is excellent and could not be better.
  • WiFi Connection –The WiFi connection can Enabled or Disabled from here.
  • WiFi Authentication –The WiFi authentication can be WPA2-PSK or WPA2-EAP.
  • Security Type –Security type the gateway detected when connecting to your WiFi network.
  • Network Name (SSID) –Name of your WiFi network, this is case sensitive so care should be taken when entering. If you are unsure contact your network administrator.
  • Password –Password used to connect to your WiFi network.