Firstly, to log into your gateway you need to find the IP address of the gateway. The most common way of doing this is to check your router’s list of connected devices. If this is not possible, the following alternative methods can be used.

    1. Windows: The gateway announces itself over Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) and can be found in the “Gateways” or “Other Devices” section of the Windows Network area. To find this area click “Start” search for “Network” and click “View network connected computers and devices”. Double clicking a gateway from here will open up the web-ui.
    2. Mac: The gateway can be discovered using Bonjour. One of the easiest ways of using this method is to open “Safari” go to “Preferences” then “Advanced” and tick “Include Bonjour in the Bookmarks menu”. Close Preferences and navigate to “Bookmarks” and you will now see all your networked Bonjour devices including the gateway.

    Now you have the IP Address you can use it to access the gateway’s web interface. Launch your chosen web browser and type http://<your-ip> e.g. This will display the gateway’s log in page.

    Now, to log into your gateway you will need to input the password that you specified during initial set up. If you have forgotten this password you will need to reset your gateway.

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