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    Pressac EnOcean Gateway – March 2021

    • Fixed issue where switching off the sending of duplicate payloads was not always acknowledged
    • Fixed issue where the timezone used for error logging and connections was not always the same as the timezone defined in settings
    • It is now no longer possible to view set passwords such as WiFi and LTE from the gateway administrator UI
    • Performance improvements – e.g. faster login and page loading times
    • Added support for IBM Watson IoT and Azure IoT Hub certificate authentication
    • Added Google Sheets connection
    • New device support
      • A5-07-01 – Ceiling Mount PIR
      • A5-12-00 – AMR Counter Sensor
      • A5-12-03 – AMR Water Sensor

    Pressac EnOcean Gateway – June 2020

    • Fixed issue where DHCP settings were retained on factory restore if gateway had been configured to have a static IP address
    • Fixed issue where messages from A5-09-04 and A5-07-01 EnOcean devices were rejected when the optional humidity or supply voltage values weren’t received.
    • Fixed issue where Pressac’s Node-RED node sometimes retained the device list of a previous gateway when another gateway was selected
    • Improved navigation menu and various other UI tweaks
    • Added confirmation requirement when navigating away from a configuration page without saving
    • Added limit of 40 characters to device name and location
    • Added link to release notes on update page
    • Added initial remote management support via MQTT for managing
      • EnOcean devices including adding, removing, editing and listing
      • IBM Watson connection and check status
      • Azure IoT Hub connection and check status
      • MQTT settings, connections and check status
    • New device support
      • A5-14-05 – Vibration / Tilt with supply voltage monitor
      • A5-30-01 – Single input contact with battery monitor
      • D2-03-0A – Single button switch
      • A5-04-03 – Temperature sensor -20°C to +60°C & 0% to 100% RH

    Pressac EnOcean Gateway – February 2020

    • Fixed issue where the 3 Channel Temperature Sensor values do not report correctly to IBM Watson IoT
    • Fixed issue where NTP service can be switched on without defining NTP servers
    • Fixed issue where device shadow JSON would be overwritten instead of appended to in the AWS connection
    • Added option to send device shadow and standard messages at the same time to AWS connection
    • Enabled capitalisation of the client id used on the AWS connection
    • Added CHAP LTE authentication support
    • Various UI tweaks
    • New device support
      • A5-07-03 – Occupancy with supply voltage monitor and 10-bit illumination measurement

    Pressac EnOcean Gateway – December 2019

    • Performance improvements including web UI mobile optimisation
    • Security improvements
    • Added option to backup user uploaded certificates
    • Added LTE connection type information to LTE status page
    • Added option for 12 or 24-hour time format
    • Updated Node-RED to version 1.0.0
    • Added new variable inputs for use in connection topic creation
      • devicename {devicename} – Enables device name as a variable
      • deviceid {deviceid} – Enables device ID as a variable
    • Improved robustness of MQTT and IBM Watson IoT connection
    • Fixed issue that LTE connection took long periods of time to re-establish after a long period without signal
    • Fixed issue where MQTT connection status was sometimes displayed incorrectly on the UI
    • Fixed issue where bonjour service didn’t always function correctly
    • Fixed issue where AWS initial status was incorrect
    • Fixed issue with all message buffer not always being received after long periods without connectivity
    • Fixed issue with time not always being set without NTP server option switched on
    • Fixed issue with Pressac Sensor Node-RED node not always being loaded automatically
    • Fixed issue with 3 Channel Temperature sensor last values not displaying correctly in the UI
    • Fixed issue with gateway incorrectly displaying as offline in some configurations

    Pressac EnOcean Gateway – October 2019

    • Fixed issue where large log files generated by some configurations can cause stability issues.

    Pressac EnOcean Gateway – September 2019

    • Performance improvements – e.g. even faster loading of pages
    • Support for Ethernet-only variant of gateway hardware
    • Node-RED now included as an embedded gateway application
    • Added AWS IoT Core connection
    • Improved reliability and robustness of all existing connections
    • Improved adaptor and failover connection handling
    • Fixed issue with Temperature and Humidity sensor missing sensor values in payload
    • Fixed various UI issues
    • Added ability to change gateway name from UI
    • New device support
      • A5-07-01 – Occupancy PIR
      • D5-00-01 – Dry Contact Sensor
      • A5-3F-7F – Thermokon 0 – 10v Analogue Input Module
      • A5-09-07 – PM2.5 Sensor
      • A5-06-02 – Lux Sensor
      • A5-12-01 – Pulse Counter
      • F6-05-01 – Water Leak Sensor

    Breaking Changes

    Additional and optional payload data for all connections. At Pressac, we try our hardest not to implement breaking changes in any of our software. But unfortunately, sometimes these types of changes are necessary for overall improvement.

    In order to implement the highly requested features of both additional and optional payload data, we needed to slightly alter the payload structure for all connections. More information regarding the new payload structure can be found in the file Pressac Gateway Example Sensor Data v0.1.json. We do hope you enjoy this new functionality. A list of the optional payload data can be found below.

    • Timestamp
    • Device Name
    • Device ID
    • Device Type
    • Gateway Name
    • Device Location
    • Device Values
    • Device Values Unit
    • Signal Strength
    • Security
    in Gateway configurationSpecifications