Product description

    The Pressac sensing V3 wireless single channel CT clamp is designed to measure and report the AC current flowing in a single channel. Powered from the measured conductor, the measured current in the channel is reported every 30 seconds. The Pressac sensing V3 wireless single channel CT clamp is easily installed with no disturbance to the measured conductors.

    Key features and benefits

    • Requires no interruption to electrical supply
    • Pluggable CT clamps for easy feeding of wires
    • Easy installation (simply clip around a single conductor only)
    • Knows what devices or appliances are switched on, and their energy usage
    • Uses proven wireless technology
    • No batteries, inductively powered
    • Fully EnOcean compliant

    Available variants

    Frequency Measurement Range Frequency Type Part Number
    868MHz 1A – 60A (50Hz or 60Hz) EnOcean for Europe CTV3_868_1CH_060A
    868MHz 2A – 200A (50Hz or 60Hz) EnOcean for Europe CTV3_868_1CH_200A
    902MHz 1A – 60A (50Hz or 60Hz) EnOcean for USA/Canada CTV3_902_1CH_060A
    902MHz 2A – 200A (50Hz or 60Hz) EnOcean for USA/Canada CTV3_902_1CH_200A
    928MHz 1A – 60A (50Hz or 60Hz) EnOcean for Japan CTV3_928_1CH_060A


    Pressac sensing V3 CT clamp RJ11 leads must be securely connected to the sender units RJ11 sockets. Channel numbers are printed on the product label on the sender unit.

    The clamp needs to be commissioned before use. There are two ways in which you can do this.

    Self-powered learn
    As the unit is 100% energy harvesting, it can only perform a self-powered learn if it is clipped around a conductor and the minimum required current is flowing. (See below table)

    Single Channel CT Clamp V3 Versions Frequency Minimum Current Required For Commissioning and Reporting Current Reading Cap
    60A version 868MHz
    1A flowing 65A
    200A version 868MHz
    2A flowing 210A

    Clip the CT clamp around the conductor and wait for 30 seconds. Depress the learn button, which is on the sender unit. The LED should briefly flash. The clamp is now commissioned.

    Manual registration

    Alternatively, the unit can be commissioned onto your EnOcean network manually. To do this you will need the unique EnOcean ID of the clamp and also its EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP). The EnOcean ID and the EnOcean Equipment Profile (EEP) are printed on the product label.

    To be able to measure the current flowing within a single conductor, the clamp must be correctly clipped around the single conductor, ensuring that the ferrite cores within the clamp reliably and consistently touch each other. In permanent installations, the unit can be cable tied to the conductor for added security.

    Once installed and commissioned, the value of electric current is transmitted every 30 seconds. If a current lower than the minimum current required (see above table) is flowing, the Pressac sensing V3 CT clamp will not report any information or transmit any EnOcean telegrams.

    The product uses an EnOcean STM300 Module for transmitting the data wirelessly. It supports the following EEPs (EnOcean Equipment Profiles): EEP D2-32-00


    The features that are of utmost importance to maintain within the lifespan of this product are the ferrite cores. It is important that the surfaces of each side of the ferrite cores are kept clean (which you can do using the alcohol wipes supplied), so that when the unit is clipped around a cable, the ferrite cores are touching each other. Failure of the surfaces to mate will cause incorrect readings to be measured and reported.

    If the product appears to be malfunctioning, contact your dealer, or Pressac.

    Technical specification

    Measurement range 1A-60A ; 2A-200A
    Measurement frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
    Accuracy – whichever is greater 60A = +/- 0.1A or 2%
    200A =  +/- 0.1A or 2%
    Transmission rate 30 seconds
    Reported value Channel 1 in Amps
    Repeater No
    Environment IP4X
    Enclosure material Nylon 66
    Sample time Average of five measurements per 30 seconds
    Telegram VLD
    Calibration Not required
    Operating temperature & humidity range -5°C to +40°C; 0%-85% RH
    Storage temperature & humidity range -20°C to +55°C; 0%-85% RH
    Diameter of measurable conductor 60A – 10mm or less
    200A – 24mm or less
    Dimensions of clamp approx 60A – 25mm x 22mm x 35mm approx.
    200A – 35mm x 45mm x 65mm approx.
    Dimensions of case approx 80mm x 55mm x 20mm approx.
    EEP D2-32-00

    Declaration Of Conformity

    Download product datasheet

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