EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEPs) are one of the EnOcean Alliance’s “languages” applied by devices communicating with each other.

    Pressac EnOcean gateway (software version: supports the following EEPs:

    EEP Description Pressac sensors
    A5-02-05 Temp. Sensor 0°C to +40°C Temperature
    A5-04-01 Temp. 0°C to +40°C, Humidity 0% to 100% Temperature and humidity
    A5-04-03 Temp. -20°C to +60°C, Humidity 0% to 100% Temperature and humidity -20 to +60
    A5-06-02 Light Sensor 0lx to 1.020lx
    A5-07-01 Occupancy, Supply voltage (optional) Ceiling mount PIR, Occupancy PIR, Under Desk PIR
    A5-07-03 Occupancy, Supply voltage, Light Sensor
    A5-09-04 CO2 Sensor CO2, temperature and humidity
    A5-09-07 Particles Sensor
    A5-12-00 Automated Meter Reading: Counter Pulse counter
    A5-12-01 Automated Meter Reading: Electricity Pulse counter
    A5-12-03 Automated Meter Reading: Water Pulse counter
    A5-14-05 Vibration/Tilt, Supply voltage
    A5-30-01 Single Input Contact, Supply voltage
    A5-3F-7F Universal
    D2-03-0A Push Button – Single Button
    D2-0A-00 Multichannel Temperature Sensor 3Ch 0..80°C 3 channel temperature (0°C..80°C)
    D2-0A-01 Multichannel Temperature Sensor 3Ch -20..100°C 3 channel temperature (-20°C..+100°C)
    D2-32-00 A.C. Current Clamp Type 0x00 Current sensor: 1 channel CT clamp
    D2-32-01 A.C. Current Clamp Type 0x01
    D2-32-02 A.C. Current Clamp Type 0x02 Current sensor: 3 channel CT clamp
    D5-00-01 Single Input Contact Door and window, Dry contact, Single door people flow
    F6-02-01 Light and Blind Control – App. Style 1
    F6-05-01 Liquid Leakage Sensor (mech. harvester)

    For the full list of EnOcean Equipment Profiles (EEP’s) available, visit the EnOcean Alliance website. 

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