Variables used on the Gateway

Note: Variables are tags used to represent data from other areas of the gateway. These can be used to create meaningful AWS IoT, and MQTT topics.

MQTT / AWS / Azure / Google Sheets

  • {gatewayname} – Gateway name assigned on the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) screen.
  • {gatewayid} – ID of the gateway being used. The gateway device ID can be found under the EnOcean section of the status page.
  • {devicename} – Name of the device a message is being sent from e.g. ‘co2sensor’.
  • {deviceid} – Unique ID of the device a message is being sent from.
  • {devicelocation} – Location of a device assigned on the edit device screen e.g. ‘mainoffice’.
  • {eep} – EnOcean equipment profile used by a device. This can be found on the devices page. e.g. A5-07-01.
  • {protocol} – Protocol of the gateway useful for multi-protocol Pressac environments. The variable returned for this gateway is ‘enocean’.
  • {gatewayserial} – Gateway serial number as seen on status page.

Example for an MQTT root topic defined using variables where the gateway name has been defined as “Pressac-Gateway” and device locations have been defined as “mainoffice”, “production” and “canteen” ‘{gatewayname}/{devicelocation}’ would become ‘Pressac-Gateway/mainoffice’, ‘Pressac-Gateway/production’ and ‘Pressac-Gateway/canteen’ depending on locations of a device.